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A word on gratitude

June 8, 2009

With Mother’s Day coming up (in the US),  and also having recently mentioned that garden shops are a good place to look for gifts, I was remembering when my dad bought my mother a gift from one.

He decided to get her something for Mother’s Day (as a thank-you for her being mother to his children, I guess), and I remember being there when he stopped by a garden shop and bought a potted cyclamen for her. 

I can’t put my finger on the name of the colour, exactly, but the flower was a rather lively shade of deep pink.  Mauve, perhaps.  It’s a strong, vibrant color that still seems very popular with cyclamen breeders.

Unfortunately, it was not popular with my mother.  She yelled at him for getting such a horrible color – it clashed with her decor – and made him take it back to the store straight away.  Whether to exchange or just get a refund, I’m not sure. 

I don’t recall what my father’s reaction was.  He was the strong, silent type (and I was only eight years old, or so – a long time ago now) – but I remember feeling bad for him, that he had bought her a present and got screamed at for his trouble.  I bet he wished he never bothered.  And I’d wager that the following year, he didn’t bother buying a gift at all.

So ladies, if you receive something unwanted this Mother’s Day…please be kind…

…and remember, pot plants that don’t much please you can always be tucked out of sight in a spare room.

P.S.  In spite of my dad’s experience, I still believe that garden stores are good places to look for gift ideas!