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Newsworthy birthday gift

July 4, 2009

Here’s an oldie but a goodie, great for birthday gifts.

Get a printout* of the front page of the newspaper on the day the person was born – ideally the newspaper from their hometown/city, but if you can’t obtain that, any newspaper from that day will do. People love seeing what was making the news on the day they were born.

In fact, don’t restrict yourself to just the front page. Have a good scan of the whole paper – often you will find amusing articles inside: in the features section, women’s section, sports pages and entertainment pages (what was on at the movies that week?). Even the advertisements and want ads can be unintentionally hilarious (check out the prices of houses and cars back then!)

Print them out in A3 size: anything smaller will be too small to read easily. Once you have your printouts, roll them up into a scroll and tie it tight with a fancy ribbon. If you spot any amusing ads in the paper, consider printing them out too – for major milestone birthdays (eg 40, 50 etc) they make cute, era-appropriate additions to birthday cards, party invitations and photo boards.

*Where from? Source old newspapers via your local or national library. The papers are usually on microfiche or digital format, and most library systems are helpful about making newspaper records accessible to the general public; there is usually a small fee for printouts.