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The rebirth of regifting

July 3, 2009

Regifting as a practise has no doubt been around since we started giving gifts.  But the term ‘regifting’ seems to have either been invented, or come back into common usage, thanks to the popular 1990s comedy series Seinfeld

In the episode The Label Maker (first screened in January 1995), Elaine gives a label-making gadget to a business contact, Tim – then notices that, soon after, Tim gives Jerry an identical label maker. 

Which causes Jerry and Elaine to debate: Did Tim buy another label maker, emulating Elaine’s gift idea (because he liked it so much), or simply regift the original one (because he didn’t like it at all)?

You can read the script here – you may need to scroll down a ways to reach the regifting part.