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Diamonds or dentures?

June 11, 2010

Saw the strangest thing in a jewellery store recently, while I was waiting to pick up a repair.  A woman was having an alteration made to a diamond ring her husband had recently given her, and was discussing the ring alteration with the sales attendant. So far, so normal.

But here’s the thing: that customer had the worst teeth ever: some missing, many crooked, and with chunks out of the front ones – big square chunks, like miniature barn doors, right out of the top front two teeth.  I’ve rarely seen teeth that bad and was hard put not to stare.  I couldn’t help wondering: with choppers that unsightly, why bother with gifts of jewellery? Shouldn’t every possible dollar that couple had be channelled towards getting that lady’s teeth repaired?  That would do so much more for her appearance than any diamond could.  She could be wearing the Hope diamond, the Crown Jewels of England, and the entire contents of Tiffany – but it would still be her bad teeth you would notice first. 

If it were me, I know I’d be dashing out of the store immediately, and running straight to the dental surgery a block south, plonking down every penny for whatever repair work the dentist could offer. But we’re all different and therein, I guess, lies “life’s rich and varied tapestry.”