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A novel way to regift

February 27, 2010

The post-Christmas rush to sell unwanted gifts on eBay is no secret – the typical ad being a detailed description of the gift, followed by “Unwanted Christmas present” or “I love it but it’s not my size”, something like that.

I like the novel approach one young lady took with some unwanted Christmas gifts (rather a lot of them, one might observe – but teenagers are notoriously difficult as gift recipients). 

Instead of taking the mundane, item-by-item approach, she simply bundled them all up into one “mystery parcel” and auctioned the lot on Trade Me (New Zealand’s answer to eBay).  You can read all about it here.

I’m impressed by her creative approach, and also how much money she made by making the contents of the parcel a mystery – rather than the usual way of describing and photographing everything in detail.  I don’t know if I’d ever do the same thing myself, but I rather admire her chutzpah!


Send it directly

August 24, 2009

Here’s a gift idea I sometimes like to use, usually on the spur of the moment, when I’m browsing on internet auction sites like eBay and TradeMe.

If you bid and win something for a friend or family member, don’t do the usual thing and have it sent to you, for you to wrap up and keep until it’s their birthday, anniversary etc: have the seller send it to them directly.  You can ask them to include a note like: “A friend of yours saw this on eBay and thought you would love it.”

Your loved one will receive a surprise package in the mail, with someone else’s handwriting on it, quite possibly a postmark from out of town, and inside an unexpected present!

To heighten the anticipation, you can tip off the recipient that you’re sending them something, and to watch out for it in the mail.  There are some people who don’t like surprises – so of course this gift delivery approach is not for them!  But for the rest of us, it’s a novel and exciting way of receiving a gift.