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Valentine’s cupcakes

February 15, 2010

Homemade Valentine's cupcakes

Here’s proof that Valentine’s Day needn’t be expensive or commercial.

I baked these cupcakes on Valentine’s Day, and iced them with those ready-made icing tubes you can buy in the supermarket, also using chocolate and multi-coloured sprinkles, and some glace cherries.  Easy peasy.

They made a lovely afternoon-tea gift for my parents-in-law, who have been married 44 years and are still very much in love. 

(I don’t know what it is about cupcakes, but it’s funny how a pretty, decorated cupcake can make the most hardened soul squeal with delight.)


Valentine’s cynics

February 11, 2010

You know, I can’t help observing that the men (it’s usually men) who get all scratchy about Valentine’s Day – grousing that it’s just a big, commercial rip-off – also never seem to do anything special for their loved ones on any other day of the year.

Is it a big, commercial rip-off?  Well, it’s hard to disagree on that point, what with the price of red roses quadrupling on that day, and so forth.  But – a hand-made card, or bringing breakfast in bed, or a bouquet of hand-picked garden flowers or wildflowers are, just to give a few examples, all gifts that cost nothing or next to nothing.

I like to look at gift-giving days like Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, and even Christmas as ‘triggers’ to remind us to express our love and gratitude once a year (at least).  The extent to which we each make it expensive and commercial is our individual choice, really – and there are always low-cost, creative options which are as good as (and sometimes very much better) than anything store-bought.

Valentine’s Day inspiration

February 9, 2010

When my husband and I were courting (only a few years ago), one Valentine’s Day he went all out and got me: a big bunch of red roses, a big bottle of champagne, and a kick-ass, king-size box of Belgian chocolates. 

I thought this was marvellous – still do – and an unusual spin-off was that it actually slaked my desire for Valentine’s Day “proof of love” gifts.  Having had my one totally-over-the-top slew of Valentine’s gifts, I never really felt that such largesse need be repeated.  (Not that I’d complain, mind!)

So in recent years, we’ve been much more restrained.  But unlike many married couples I know, we’ve never given up on Valentine’s gifts. 


This year I’m getting him a whole bunch of CDs for his car stereo.  He’s always too busy to look out new CDs for it, and as a result the soundtrack on his drive to and from work is invariably the same old music – once beloved, now very, very boring.  Changing the CDs is one of those ‘mean to get around to’ chores that I know is lurking just below his consciousness – so I think a six-pack of brand new CDs will surprise and delight him.  If I’m feeling gushy I might write him a card about how we’re still making beautiful music together.

It’s not a lavish gift, it’s not a wildly romantic gift, but I think he’ll be rapt with it, because it’s personal to his needs and tastes.  And oh my God, is he sick of those current CDs!